A well maintained, highly hygienic and tasteful cuisine is always ready to serve you on the Top Floor of the restaurant. Alongwith the facility of BBQ & Cafe deNite is also available. Keeping in mind to provide the world class facility we have installed modern capsule lift for the convenience of guests.
We are proudly providing the facility of Capsule lift which is only and only available at Millennium Inn, Naran.
Spacious Guest Rooms equipped with Flat Screen TV, Personnel Safe, Wifi, Attach Baths, Laundry Services and scenic views of lush green mountains and charming views of River Kunhar.
  Also having conference halls with the capacity of 1000 persons, with having facility of multi media.
  A vast car parking area is available at the basement of the Hotel with the capacity of 100 cars.

See the arrangement how we have distributed 76 room on all floors. If you need quick information , please call us now !



Room Number

No. of Beds View


G-01 Naran City  
G-02 Naran City  
G-03 Naran City  
G-04 Naran City  
G-05 Naran City  
G-06 Naran City  
G-07 Naran City  
G-08 Naran City  
G-09 Soch View  
G-10 Soch View  
G-11 Soch View  
G-12 Soch View  
G-13 Soch View  
River View Suite River Kunhar View  





Room Number

No. of Beds View


101 Naran City  
102 Naran City  
103 Naran City  
104 Naran City  
105 Naran City  
106 Naran City  
107 Naran City  
108 Hill View  
109 Hill View  
110 Hill View  
111 Soch View  
112 Soch View  
113 Soch View  
114 Soch View  
115 Soch View  
116 Soch View  
117 Soch View  
118 Hill View  
119 Hill View  
120 Hill View  
121 Naran City  
122 Naran City  
Soch View Suite River Kunhar View  
River View Suite Soch View  





Room Number

No. of Beds View


201 Naran City  
202 Naran City  
203 Naran City  
204 Naran City  
205 Naran City  
206 Naran City  
207 Naran City  
208 Hill View  
209 Hill View  
210 Hill View  
211 Hill View  
212 Hill View  
213 Soch View  
214 Soch View  
215 Soch View  
216 Soch View  
217 Soch View  
218 Hill View  
219 Hill View  
220 Hill View  
221 Naran City  
222 Naran City  
River View Suite Soch View  
Soch View Suite Soch View  

Kunhar View Suite

Soch View  







Room Number

No. of Beds View


301 Naran City  
302 Kaghan View  
303 Hill View  
304 Naran City  
305 Naran City  
306 Naran City  
307 Soch View  
308 Soch View  
309 Hill View  
310 Soch View  
311 Soch View  
Kaghan View Suite Naran City  
Kunhar View Suite River Kunhar View  


M/S Millennium Inn Hotel Naran, Near PTDC, Main Bazar, Naran. Pakistan.
For Reservations/Bookings
Cell Numbers: 0092 321-9111804 /0092 343-9111804

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